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Millionaire Underdog – Book Review
Millionaire Underdog – Book Review

Millionaire Underdog is about how to establish your business. It's not just the motivational nor inspirational book that will give you that boost in encouragement. Instead, it’s an actual manual of sorts that aims to guide you in building your business and going from nothing to something.

Millionaire Underdog – Book Review
This book clearly is reaching out to all entrepreneurs, new and seasoned. It is basically a blue print of the different elements an entrepreneur must have to become successful. The book has so much information, it would be impossible to review in detail in one blog post. You could break it down by chapter and have enough blog posts for a year. I will however speak about the recurring themes that JT speaks about.
At the beginning of the book, he tackles the mindset. He illustrates 11 mindset theories. These theories are “bold statements…that are intended to disrupt the normal and change the way you think”. I will not enumerate all of them here, however I will speak to you about the transactional vs transformational mindset. This is one that stood out the most to me. Transactional thinkers are asking the question HOW (example: How do I get more clients?). Transformational thinkers ask the question WHY (Why should clients do business with me?). According to JT, the WHY is a better question because it is more strategic. That is how millionaires think. “Rather than counting how much money you can make, count the number of peoples’ lives you can change. The faster you create success stories, the faster you will rise to the top”. This was told to JT by his personal coach Nido Qubein, and JT has been following this advice all through his career.
A recurring theme is the importance of taking action. He also speaks of having dreams and dream boards, but you need to use those dreams to fuel your action to get where you want to be. You need to make a plan, and then follow it. You will perhaps modify the plan to adapt to unforseen changes, however you need to keep moving forward until you get where you want to be. Most people do not act because of fear. There is a large section dedicated to fear and how to overcome it. JT speaks about his stuttering issue when he was young and how he overcame it. He says if he could overcome fear, anyone can.
The book also addresses longevity of a business. In order for a business to remain competitive and relevant, it must continually innovate either through acquisitions or development. The business must continually evolve. JT also places an emphasis on branding and marketing, and how it has become vital to the success of any business in today's world.

In summary, Millionaire Underdog is an actual blueprint to how to succeed in business. The book will walk you through marketing, sales, growth, time management and the importance of mindset. Amazon describes the book as a "crash course MBA for entrepreneurs and business owners". I can not 
describe it any better.