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Negotiate Your Way to Millions All Disks

Learn how to negotiate the JT Foxx way and guarantee that nobody can say NO to you. The number 1 wealth coach describes his networking skills that have built long lasting relationships and has helped him close business deals.

If you want to be a better salesperson, always have the upper hand in negotiations, get a better price, close more deals, and make more money, then Negotiate Your Way to Millions is exactly what you need to make it happen. After taking this course, you'll be 10 steps ahead of anyone you negotiate with. If you want to negotiate with the best, then you need to learn from the BEST negotiator.

Topics include:

  • Set up your strategic negotiation plan so you stay in control from start to finish.
  • Make a "killer" first impression(the JT Foxx way, of course) and close up to 70% more deals on your terms.
  • Get what you want while making the other side think they got what they want.
  • Overcome "clever" negotiation ploys--secrets never before revealed--to take the other party off their game.
  • Negotiate so you NEVER pay market value for ANYTHING (Note:This will not work on JT Foxx).

What do you get?
6 audio cds worth of content

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