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Millionaire Underdog - JT Foxx’s Teachings for Success

JT Foxx is a name that most entrepreneurs recognize when attending seminars. He is without a doubt a world renown personality and considered to be the #1 wealth coach in the world. He is a serial entrepreneur of a lot of companies, brands and a property investor. However, all of this success didn't come overnight.


He started out with $974 in his pocket at the age of 24, and he never dared to look back. He built a global empire that spans over 40 countries and still standing strong up to this day. Along with his success as a coach, he's also a to-selling author with his book, Millionaire Underdog. The Millionaire Underdog reviews and success stories are through the roof with people saying that this is a must-read book. Let's find out why in the first place.


Millionaire Underdog - The Book Review


The book is clearly reaching out to all entrepreneurs -- new and seasoned. It's basically a blueprint of the different elements an entrepreneur must have in order for them to become successful. The book has a ton of information, it would be impossible to review all of it in here. You could break it down by chapter and have enough blog posts for a year, but we'll just have to discuss the important points here.


At the start of the book, he tackles about the mindset. He illustrated 11 theories about such. These theories are, according to Foxx, "bold statements...that are intended to disrupt the normal and change the way you think". We won't be enumerating them all in here; however, the transactional vs transformational mindset will be discussed here.


For starters, transactional thinkers are asking the question HOW (for instance: How do I get more customers?). On the other hand, transformational thinkers ask the question WHY (Why should clients transact business with me?). According to Foxx, the WHY is better than the HOW due to it being more strategic. This is how millionaires ought to think according to Foxx.


A recurring theme is the importance of taking action. Foxx also speaks of having dreams and dream boards; however, you need to use those dreams to fuel your action to get to where you want to be. You need to make a plan, and you must follow it. Perhaps you'll modify your plans along the way to adapt to unforeseen changes; however, you must keep on pressing forward until you get to where you want to be.


In addition, the book also addresses the longevity of a business. In order for a business to stay competitive and relevant, it must continually innovate either acquisitions or development. The business must evolve continually. Plus, Foxx also emphasizes about the importance of branding and marketing, and how it has become vital to the success of just about any business in today's modern time.


To Conclude

To conclude, Millionaire Underdog is an actual blueprint to how to succeed in business. The book will walk you through things like marketing, sales, growth, time management and the importance of having a proper mindset. Would you like to share your own Millionaire Underdog reviews and success stories? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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